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refer to current NOTAM
ATIS: 128.525
APP: 118.00 / DEP: 125.95
TWR: 118.10
APRON South: 121.75 - North: 121.85
FUEL: 130.45 (Jetaviation)

Weather Switzerland (SF Meteo)


Approach / Arrival Zurich

Follow the published approach routes and instructions from Zurich tower. The control tower stands at the runway intersection (not to be confused with the fire service tower southwest of the airfield). Standard landing runway is usually RWY 28. On leaving the runway a FOLLOW ME CAR will guide you to the allocated parking position. In exceptional cases landing runway may be RWY 34 or some other. So please make sure your charts for taxi on the ground are up-to-date.

If you are unsure on the ground do not hesitate to inquire on the appropriate frequency!

Please use chocks instead of the parking breaks. Normally the handling agent on duty will help you move into your exact parking position. The aircraft should stand inside the red outlines marking the tarmacs.

Immigration / Charly Office

Airside you will be assisted by the handling agent on duty. Once you have entered the country it is your duty to go to the Charly Office and provide the details of your flights. If it is the first time the aircraft has landed in Zurich you will have to present technical papers about that aircraft (A/C type / MTOW / engine type / noise certificate).


Departure / Take-off

When you have paid all the airport fees in Charly Office wait by the security check for the previously notified handling agent who will take you back to your aircraft. Depending on your stand you will have to taxi to the correct holding point yourself. Again, please make sure your charts are up-to-date. Normally, APRON South (121.75) is used.

VFR SLOTs Zurich

The allocation of VFR SLOTS in Zurich is subject to various criteria:

Such as additional defined time slots which do not permit VFR traffic at particular times. Should the current weather situation require RWY 10 to be used, the allocation of VFR SLOTS will cease. Furthermore, the number of available SLOTS is limited.

VFR SLOTS can be booked at the earliest 24 hours before the scheduled flight. For this reason we not only offer you our assistance but also completely take over the SLOT management.

SLOT Tables